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General Terms and Conditions

Any order placed with MMM shall mean that the buyer has read and accepted the specified terms and conditions. At the time of placing the order, the buyer should provide complete details such as drawings, alloy to be used, physical properties, chemical composition, sample component, etc. for suitable selection of raw materials and manufacturing process.

Price : Price of Product is exclusive of GST, Insurance, Freight or any other Government / municipal levy. These are charged extra as applicable at the time of delivery.

Price Tolerance :
Prices of basic raw material Aluminium are governed by metal producing companies & changes quite frequently. Sales price of aluminium extrusion is dependent on aluminium prices and are subject to price variation clause. Therefore, price on date of dispatch shall prevail.

In addition to above, incase extruded material is not lifted over 1 week then additional 1.5% charges / month shall be added to the basic price.

Present 18%, advalorem and is applicable on the basic rate + packing + freight.

Weight : Weight measured and recorded at MMM factory shall be considered as final.

Quantity :
Quantity tolerance of + / - 15% for each section shall be acceptable.

Tolerance & Specification :
The material ordered by the buyer shall be manufactured & supplied as per IS specifications unless specified otherwise and agreed. In case of any oversight in the description of the material requirement by the buyer, he shall not be entitled to repudiate the agreement of sale or claim damages.

Delivery :
Normal delivery schedule is 2-3 weeks for existing dies or from the date of sample approval. New samples for approval shall be offered within 4-5 weeks from the date of receipt of security for die. Although, the client should get a confirmation on delivery schedules from MMM from the date of acceptance of order.'

Payment Terms : All payments are to be made by Demand Draft / RTGS / Account Payee Cheque drawn on MM Metacraft Pvt. Ltd. except in payment terms payable at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. All charges for DD / RTGS / Cheque shall be borne by the buyer.

Inspection :
Finished goods can be inspected at MMM factory premises prior to dispatch with due permission.

Packing :
As standard finished goods shall be duly packed in HDPE woven sacks to avoid in-transit damage. The client can also define packing. Packing charges are extra & depends on type of packing.

Transportation :
Ordered material shall be dispatched as per agreed transport. If no instructions are provided by the buyer for transportation, goods shall be dispatched through our standard transporter on freight to pay basis.

Cancellation / Alteration in Order :
The cancellation / alteration in order shall be subject to confirmation from MMM.

Warranty :
No warranty, expressed or implied is given as to the life or wear and tear of the extrusions supplied, nor it is stated that extrusions will be fit for any particular purpose or for use under any specified condition not withstanding that such purpose or condition may be known to the company.

Indemnity :
The buyer shall indemnify the company against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which the company may become liable to as a result of work done according to the buyer's specification, involving the infringement of letters or registered design / Trademarks / Patents.

Demurrage :
All demurrage charges incurred due to non-clearance of material on time after its arrival at the destination or for any other reason shall be borne by the buyer.

Jurisdiction :
All matters of dispute are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

Terms & Conditions for Developing New Dies

  • New dies shall be developed against security deposit to be paid in advance by the buyer.
  • The amount of security for new die shall be decided by MMM .
  • In case the specified quanity of raw material is not lifted within specified time period then the security for that particular die shall be forfeited.
  • Minimum order of 500 kg of extrusions shall be accepted with new dies.

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