MMM is committed to achieve excellence in quality standards & manufacture products as per global standards. To achieve this, following in-house state-of-the-art testing equipments are used for complete metal analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic examination and other tests.


  • MM uses raw material of high quality to manufacture logs of different compositions.

  • The alloy is instantaneously analyzed using latest spectrometer to ensures desired mechanical properties and composition.

  • In-house foundry with Hot Top casting technology having most modern melting and holding furnaces equipped with automatic temperature controllers to manufacture high quality logs.

  • The logs are cut into billets of specific sizes.


  • The billets are homogenised to obtain highly refined uniform grains & properties.

  • The billets are preheated before extrusion process.

  • The extrusions are pulled by PLC controlled puller & stretched to obtain straightness & structural stability.

  • The extruded sections obtained are of superior quality and improved finish required for anodizing and powder coating.


Extrusions are aged for a particular time & precisely controlled temperature in air circulated ovens to obtain uniform properties & specific hardness of the sections.


The extrusions are weighed, strapped and packed in HDPE woven sacks.